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- Meet Darla and Francine -

(not their real names)


They are sisters and co-founders of ...

Darla and Francine’s Cookie Table.


You might be asking yourself, why have they assumed aliases?

And what is a cookie table anyway? Well, read on



It all started in the 60’s, in a sleepy little town called Smithton,  nestled in a valley at the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains of Western Pennsylvania.      


Francine (Ann) was born first in 1963 followed by Darla (Eileen) two years later in 1965.  These two sisters shared an idyllic childhood, where summers were endless and creativity ran rampant.  Often they could be seen “playing house” where Ann became Francine and Eileen renamed herself Darla in their imaginary world.

Darla and Francine’s childhood  was largely shaped by Grandma Sattolo, who lived with them.  Every Saturday morning Grandma could be found in the kitchen, where she would bake for hours.  Pies, cookies and homemade bread were a constant staple in their home growing up. During the summer months, Darla and Francince would accompany Grandma into the woods behind their house to hand pick the berries for the day’s pies. Standing on a chair in the kitchen, Darla and Francine would watch Grandma work, learning her methods, and sneaking a  taste (by the spoonful if they could) whenever her back was turned.  When making cakes, Grandma would give them a beater, one for each to lick the batter off. 


Western Pennsylvania is rich in traditions brought over from the Italian and Eastern European immigrants that settled in the area.  One such tradition (and the one most inspiring to Darla and Francine) is the wedding cookie table. Imagine a long table piled with hundreds—if not thousands—of cookies. Traditionally, cookies would be made by relatives of the bride and groom to be set out during the reception. Guests would enjoy the treats throughout the event and then take home even more to enjoy the sweets again the following day.


Many Western PA natives have expanded the range of the cookie table, including it in all manner of celebrations to include:


wedding receptions, bridal showers, retirement parties, announcement and engagement parties, gatherings both community, family and corporate based, graduation parties, birthdays, baby showers, Holiday and special occasion parties, or any other event where extra treats are welcome.


Thus, Darla and Francine’s Cookie Table was born!


Darla and Francine figured, “why keep this tradition all to ourselves?” From their early training with Grandma, Darla and Francine’s Cookie Table brings you regional favorites, such as lady locks, buckeyes, pizzelles, and cold doughs as well as a full menu of other classic cookies.


(See cookie selections for a complete list of options.) 


Don’t miss out on your opportunity to add a little extra something to your next event!

Contact Darla and Francine’s Cookie Table today! 


“Where every celebration has a sweet ending”



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